Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Should We Rally on March 31st

March 31st is fast approaching and many people are starting to ask "Who, What, and Why about the rally at the capital.  So borrowing from a Diane Ravitch blog here are ten reasons to rally.

1. 668,000 STUDENTS IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA JUST FLAT OUT DESERVE BETTER - What could be more important than the education of our children?
Q 2. You have realized that public education is being hijacked by testing companies and "for profit" organizations

3. You are tired of reading about how bad schools are and teachers are by those who know nothing about education. (except some did actually attend school at one time or another)

4. Class sizes are growing due to a SHORTAGE OF TEACHERS

5. You are a caring educator who wants the BEST education for your own kids as well as your students

6. Although you believe in high expectations and rigorous standards you feel CCSS needs to be vetted  by Oklahoma educators not just national standards renamed OAS

7. You are tired of regurgitating ed reforms in Oklahoma that have already failed in Florida.  Oklahoma continues to outscore Florida on ACT scores

8. A-F does not scare you but if you and your school is going to receive a grade its needs to be fair and accurate

9. Every initiative the "so called" reformers have implemented the last four years has landed squarely on the teacher's desk

10. Local control is eroding.  Retention should be a decision made by the teacher, principal, and parent.

Number one is the most important but if we do not address number 4 we are not going to have the teachers to educate our students no matter how much money we add.  Please add your own thoughts and reasons to rally at the capital on March 31st

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  1. Well said! I will be there on 3/31 to support our students.