Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 2

This week  started early.  Sunday night CPS Admin, teachers, parents and students met at the NES MakerSpace.  We were moderating the #oklaed chat at 8CST.  Admin, teachers, parents and legislators from across the state joined the chat as we discussed and periscoped makerspaces.

Monday-Wednesday I was able to visit all five school sites.  Walking through the halls watching students and teachers working together, moving forward  and embracing  innovation and creativity was both exciting and rewarding.

At the end of the week I attended the Annual OSSBA conference.  The conference was opened by OSSBA president and CPS board member Dr. Floyd Simon Jr.  Dr Simon had the honor of introducing the CHS choir under the direction of Ms Roulett and I spent the next two days getting showered with praises of how awesome they were.  So proud to be a RED TORNADO.

Saturday CPS Tech Director, Ms Richert and I were scheduled to speak at 9 AM.  We were going to talk about the Innovation and Creation taking place at CPS.  We decided to talk 10 minutes and let CPS students demonstrate a Maker Space.  Watching our elementary students show Tulsa Public School superintendent Dr Gist how we use Osmos was incredible.  Leadership team members Tonya Gaunt, Mark Moring, Tyler Bridges, Nathan Meget,  Ann Beck, Stephanie Hime and Beth Richert and families on a Saturday created a Maker at the Cox center and shared it with board members and administrators from across the state.  I will say it again, I have the best job because I have the State #1 leadership team.  The conference closed with a dynamic speaker Dr. John Draper.  My takeaway from the keynote "If you are not telling your story someone else is" so I challenge each and every one of you to tell a positive story weekly about CPS.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Thanks to the hard work of all of our faculty, staff members, families, and students, the first week of the 2015-2016 school year has been a smooth transition from summer vacation to classroom learning.

When I walked around our buildings, I saw students smiling, engaged, and eager to learn. I saw lively discussions, hands-on activities, and focused attention.

A very big thank-you is due to both staff and parents. I know this successful week would not have occurred or even been possible without the groundwork laid not just since our teachers returned to work in August, but throughout the summer break.

Thanks again to our staff for their commitment to ensuring our students receive the very best education, and thank you to our parents and families for the support, encouragement, and patience during the first week.

Looking Forward to Week 2!