Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 3

Week 3 started by  issuing a challenge to the leadership team. Share positive stories with teachers, parents, students, and the press.  The Clinton News joined in and had numerous articles and pictures in the paper telling our stories.  The story of CPS and #oklaed has been in the Daily Oklahoman,  Clinton News, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. One of the most exciting stories was that Nance Elementary Students will each be getting a free pair of shoes. Those responsible for this act are wanting to remain anonymous.

The second challenge issued to the leadership team was to share positive stories with parents.  It was exciting to hear how many parents were shocked the school was sharing the good news.  We really need to work on our relationship with parents.  CPS cannot be successful unless our parents are full partners in the education process.

While visiting all 5 campuses this week the common theme was how great the year has started and the unbelievable attitude of the students.  Hats off to the parents, students, and teachers of CPS for being so awesome.

Miracles are happening everyone day at Clinton Public Schools, share them.

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