Sunday, October 11, 2015

WEEK 8 at #cpsreds

What an eventful day Friday was.  I started the day watching Nance students getting a new pair of shoes.  What an event the band, cheerleaders, and football team showed up to celebrate.  Next up was a trip to Shawnee to watch the Lady Reds participate in the state volleyball Tournament.  They represented #cpsreds with pride but came up short.  Congratulations on a great year ladies.  Next Elgin for a football game.  The Reds were impressive in a 34-7 victory.  I was also impressed with the Red Tornado band's pregame performance.

Tuesday and Wednesday was OTA at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City.  Encyclomedia, as some call it,  is a conference for librarians, technolgy, and other educators.  I was able to attend Tuesday.  CPS had many presentation during the conference.  If you presented thanks for representing CPS.   I attended and presented at the USSA conference Wednesday in Broken Arrow.  As CPS continues the journey into the 21st century it is exciting to see that wherever we are other educators are hungary to learn what we are doing.

Next week is a 3 day week.  I hope you all have plans to unwind and have an enjoyable 5 day break.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

WEEK 7 at #cpsreds

I can't believe it is October already.  Time flies when you are having fun.  I have the greatest job in the world because of the great leadership team and teachers I work with every day.  Add working in the greatest office on earth and an awesome maintenance crew and you can see why I love my job.

Since #cpsreds is a growing district all of the data used to calculate our funding is collected in October.  I am sure some feel I am obsessive about the collection of data.  October 1st is the day the state takes a snapshot of our records to deterime the many of theweights we will be paid for the 15-16 school year.   October 15th is the day we turn in our first quarter enrollment numbers that deterime our Average Daily Membership.  The highest day for economic disadvantage in October is used in numerous formulas to deterime dollars we are funded.  Just remember, if someone hands you a form or asks if you have completed various forms, these forms are what seperate CPS financally from schools that do not have smart boards, sound systems, ipads, chrome books etc.  I appreciate everyone working so hard to keep us fully funded for 2016 and years to come.

Great news the Lady Reds volleyball team traveled to Tulsa and qualified for state.  Great jobs ladies you are awesome.  Their first game is Friday at noon in Shawnee.  Good Luck ladies we are so proud of you.

Make sure you are following our webpage to keep up with all the awesome events planned at CPS.  If you use twitter #cpsreds is worth following.

Thanks again for being a part of our team.  It takes admin, teachers, parents, students, and the community to make a great school.